We are Verdancy Land

We create innovative dwelling solutions that enable people to have the freedom to experience a place of tranquility, comfort, and well-being… Places where verdant mindset becomes the new way of life

Our vision is to transform the Philippine real estate landscape into a greener, smarter, and more modern setting. One that is fearless yet steadfast. We envision that the use and application of green and intelligent technologies in homes, hotels, and other dwelling places will pave way to better living conditions for each and every Filipino.

As the future breeds healthier, more relaxed, and environmentally-concious communities, it is our dream to provide people ‘Verdant’ spaces that breathe and promote happy and meaningful lives – in whatever stage of life they may be in – writing unique stories through the days, through the months, and through the years.

Welcome to VERDANCY LAND… Because every place has a story.

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Iconic Construction

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Glass Concepts



Backed by established sister companies that do not only have the expertise, skills, machineries and resources to carry out mid-large projects, but are also competent to support and uphold Verdancy Lands’ visions and undertakings:

Glass Concepts is a glazing specialist who has successfully completed numerous low to mid rise glass building envelope and façade, employing IGU’s (Insulated Glass Units used for thermal reduction and efficient insulation, as well as acoustic/noise control), hence, making these structures sustainable and energy-efficient.

Iconic Construction is a prime contractor who developed and instigated a precise concrete construction molding system tailored to every project, making use of modified lightweight modular formworks (LFT D – Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic) instead of plywood moulds. Its simplicity and pace of assembly reduces labor costs and construction pollution. Most of all, it is an eco-friendly material, being 100% recyclable.

Cornerstone Architecture & Design Firm is team of architects and designers with laudable repute and ingenious perspective, associating principles of green architecture and smart living in its design compositions. Its principal architect expertly designed the first green building in Mandaluyong City – the 8-storey with Roofdeck CBC Building.


“Because Every Place Tells a Story.”

There are 2 very deep meanings for the company’s slogan:

First, for most Filipinos acquiring a place to call their own is no small feat and remains to be one’s life-long dream and milestone for success. It comes as no surprise then that because we live in a country where financial literacy is not heavily promoted and encouraged, most Filipinos get stuck in the mindset that they are not capable of buying their own home and thus have no choice but to endure backbreaking monthly rent…month after month, year after year, decade after decade… even until and after retirement.

Now there are those who work hard, even on night or graveyard shifts, who bear with inferior living conditions that usually coexist with low rental costs and close proximity to their place of work.

Or how can we forget our OFW’s who brave foreign lands – homesickness, dangers, and all – to work and save up for their families, future and home investment; only to find out, after turn-over of their purchased dwelling unit, that it is not a good deal as it was marketed?

And for most travelers (whether for business or for leisure who resort to mediocre hostels or transient houses because of budget limitations and on the other hand, those who choose to stay in high-end hotels for convenience end up spending more than what they can afford, if not broke during their trip.

These and many other similar stories inspire us to challenge ourselves and make a difference in how people should live. Your story is our story, and together, we will create a Verdant Life – a different kind of living, a different kind of life!

Second, our products will provide client’s a new story in their lives, for newlywed couples it will be the beginning of what they will together call their home. For the OFW it will be a reward of all the money they have saved up and a new chapter of enjoying retirement. For the bachelors, it serves as a sign of their chaptered life as being truly independent. And for so many more its serves as a beginning of reaping the fruits of their hard-earned success.




By creating healthier, more relaxed, and environmentally-conscious communities, we build ‘verdant’ spaces that inspire people to live happy and meaningful lives – in whatever stage of life they may be in – writing unique stories through the days, through the months, through the years.